London 2012 Guide to…Triathlon


THE Triathlon combines three stamina-based sports – swimming, cycling and running.

Competitors begin with a 1500m open-water swim, cycle for 40km and finish off with a 10km run.

Not forgetting the change-overs too, adjusting from swimming gear to cycling gear for example, it all takes time!

  • Triathlon in London

Hyde Park is playing host to the Triathlon with 110 men and women competing for gold medals.

Half a million people lined the streets at the Triathlon’s debut appearance in Sydney in 2000, and similar crowds are expected this summer in the English capital.

And finally…

Look out for: athletes collapsing at the end. This event takes a massive toll on the body.

Not to be confused with: athletes who cannot get in to one single event. They are by no way inferior!

Useless but informative fact: F1 driver Jenson Button regular competes in triathlons.

Triathlon in two words: mental challenge.

The Triathlon takes place across Hyde Park on Saturday 4 and Tuesday 7 August.



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