London 2012 Guide to…Water Polo


WATER POLO was originally seen as an aquatic form of rugby.

However, it is actually more akin to handball, but a lot more difficult!

  • How it works

Water Polo is a seven-a-side game, and a game is divided into four periods, each lasting eight minutes.

A team has 30 seconds when in possession to score, otherwise the ball is given to the opposition.

Touching the bottom of the pool, or its side is forbidden.

  • Water Polo in London

Water Polo is taking place in a specifically constructed arena in the Olympic Park.

Teams are divided in to two groups, before progressing to the knock-out games.

And finally…

Look out for: cheating – or ‘ways of gaining an advantage’. Not everyone can see what goes on under the water.

Not to be confused with: Polo. No similarities at all apart from the name!

Useless but informative fact: the longest running water polo is competition is played between Oxford and Cambridge universities, starting way back in 1891.

Water Polo in two words: splash ‘n’ grab.

Water Polo takes place at the Water Polo Arena from Sunday 29 July to Sunday 12 August.



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