London 2012 Guide to…Wrestling



OLYMPIC Wrestling goes all the way back to 706BC in the Ancient Games.

It was seen as the ultimate test of strength, stamina and skill between two men.

Women then came on in the act, competing for the first time in 2004.

  • Objectives

The aim in wrestling is to overpower your opponent and pin them to the ground – not literally.

The more stylish the flips and throws are, the more points are awarded.

The contest is over three rounds, so if a pin is not secured, it is decided on points.

  • Two disciplines

Greco-Roman is when only the upper body and arms are able to be used, while in freestyle, the whole body is permitted.

  • Favourites

Russia, Sweden and Finland tend to dominate the Greco-Roman format, with the USA, Russia and Japan the ones to watch in freestyle.

  • Weightlifting in London

Weightlifting takes place in the ExCeL, with 344 athletes taking part in 18 different categories.

And finally…

Look out for: bone crunching moves.

Not to be confused with: your everyday fight.

Useless but informative fact: the longest Olympic wrestling match took 11 hours in Stockholm in 1912.

Wrestling in two words: brutal extravagance.

Wrestling takes place between Sunday 5 and Sunday 12 August.



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