London 2012 Guide to…Modern Pentathlon

The Modern Pentathlon is contested over just one day.

It starts with fencing, with all athletes competing against one another, and this is followed by a 200m freestyle swim and a horse-riding event over 12 jumps.

The scores from these three events are then converted into a time handicap, for the new, combined shooting and running competition.

  • Modern Pentathlon in London

The Modern Pentathlon all takes place over a day so there’s no time for respite or a nap.

There’s 36 men and 36 women each competing for a single gold medal.

And Finally…

Look out for: some extremely talented athletes.

Not to be confused with: an army training course.

Useless but informative fact: certain European military academies have adopted the Modern Pentathlon as a final test for their soldiers.

Modern Pentathlon in two words: skill, concentration.

Modern Pentathlon takes place over the weekend 11/12 August at three venues – the Handball Arena, Aquatics Centre and Greenwich Park.