London 2012 Guide to…Shooting



SHOOTING was just one of the nine events held at the first modern Games in 1896.

The sport has three disciplines, using the pistol, shotgun and rifle.

  • Shooting in London

There will be 15 different events at the Royal Artillery Barracks, with 390 athletes taking part.

  • Superpowers

The USA have had by far the most success in this event, with 50 gold medals over the years.

China and Russia lie behind them, but quite a way down. The Chinese won five golds in Beijing though, so watch out for them.

And finally…

Look out for: a stray bullet. Always one.

Not to be confused with: duels or arcade games.

Useless but informative fact: British shooters have to train abroad because of a ban on handguns in the UK.

Shooting in two words: hit target.

Shooting takes place between Saturday 28th July and Monday, 6th August.