London 2012 Guide to…Taekwondo

TAEKWONDO emerged in the South Korean military in the 1950s.

The word is roughly translated as ‘the art of foot and fist’.

The sport is seen as the most popular martial art in the world.

  • More than a fight

There more ways to attack, compared with boxing or wrestling, making it more attractive for spectators. Kicks and punches are used, including scissor kicks and quick spinning.

  • Taekwondo in London

128 athletes will be competing in eight events, of various weight categories.

And finally…

Look out for: Sarah Stevenson. The Brit won a bronze in Beijing and will be hoping for another medal inĀ  her home games.

Not to be confused with: boxing.

Useless but informative fact: kicking is used because the Koreans felt the hands were needed for combat, so too important to use.

Taekwondo in two words: aggression needed.

Taekwondo will be at the ExCeL between Wednesday 8 and Saturday 11 August.