London 2012 Guide to…Volleyball



VOLLEYBALL was invented by a group of students in the USA in 1895 who found basketball too physically demanding.

They came up with what is now volleyball, which has more than 220 national federations.

USA (again), Russia and Brazil are traditional strong sides in volleyball.

  • Volleyball in London

There will be 12 men’s teams and 12 women’s competing at Earl’s Court.

The 12 are split in to two groups of six, and the teams play each other, before the top four qualify for the knock-out stages.

  • The all-important¬† rules

A point is won if the ball touches the ground in the opponent’s court or it is hit out by the opposition.

Only three touches are allowed by a team before the ball must be returned to the other side.

And finally…

Look out for: a flying ball. With lots of players on the court and the ball travelling at fast speeds, the ball can land up literally anyway.

Not to be confused with: Handball. Lots of players throwing a ball around, so understandable.

Useless but informative fact: The tallest volleyball player ever is Aleksey Kazakov, standing at 7″2.

Volleyball in two words: fast, frenetic.

Volleyball takes place at Earl’s Court between Saturday 28 July and Sunday 12 August.